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March 8, 2007

Spirit Painting

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Today I’m sharing a photograph of my “Spirit Painting” by artist “Selene” (Linda Meyer). Linda is a dear friend of mine who designed and painted this artwork specifically for me. I have it on the wall in my Reiki Room. The feminine form represents the physical body my spirit resides in. The twelve circles represent the zodiac sun signs influencing my life path. The faded images represent my spirit totems and guides. The seven chakra-colored ribbons represent karmic ties and the seven major chakras. Beautiful! (view larger image)

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March 3, 2007

Chakras and the Law of Vibration

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Global Psychics Weblog asks What’s Your Frequency? This post explains the importance of healthy chakra vibrations — connecting the dots between the Law of Attraction and attracting things that match your current vibration. Increasing your vibrational frequency is the pathway to attaining your goals!

March 2, 2007

Chakras and Reiki

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March 2, 2006

Shake Your Chakras

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Referenced in Body and Soul Magazine

Chakracises referenced in national magazine. Shake Your Chakras (beginning on page 96), of the March 2006 issue of Body and Soul Magazine. The article was written by freelance writer Scott Lajoie. Lajoie interviewed me about my Chakracises prior to writing his article. Quote from the piece reads:

“So how can you break down blockages and free energy? Phylameana lila D├ęsy, an Iowa-based energy medicine practitioner, suggests doing chakra strengthening exerises called chakracises to provide targeted stimulation to these stagnated areas.”

I was also interviewed for an article in Woman’s World magazine, but I never received word on about it. Maybe it went into the dead file… I suppose it could have gotten published and I simply wasn’t notified.

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